Brother’s Keeper

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Brother's KeeperAndy and Pete Goodwyn have ben side-by-side since the womb.  But that’s about to change…

Identical twins, they have grown up watching out for one another while avoiding the glares and whispers that come with a small-town tragedy like the one that left them orphans.  Yet despite their bond, Andy and Pete couldn’t be more different.  While Pete readily turns the other cheek, Andy prefers an eye for an eye.  As their high school graduation nears, Pete plans to marry Maggie Maloye, the love of his life, and head off to seminary to become a preacher.  Andy, who wants nothing to do with God, has no plans, no direction, and seemingly no future.  This too is about to change.

In a dizzying turn of events, Pete ends up in jail  . . . framed for the murder of Maggie.  As Pete wrestles with God about this cruel twist of fate – orchestrated by the most powerful family in town – Andy struggles to find a way to help his brother.  While revenge may seem sweet, Brother’s Keeper is a powerful reminder that only forgiveness can truly heal.

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Film Production Information


T.J. Amato, Josh Mills


Briana Hartman, Josh Mills


Alex Miller, Graham Miller, Ray Wise, Robyn Lively, Michael Rooker, W. Earl Brown, Travis Tritt


T.J. Amato, Josh Mills, Steven Camp (Executive Producer)

Production Company:

Desert Wind Studios




MPAA Rating: